We believe that communication is the key to effective relationships.

There are several ways that we here at LLELC do our best to keep you informed:

  1. Parent News Board:  Located in the entryway, right inside our main entrance.
  2. Monthly Newsletters:  These are sent home the first week of each month, they contain some worthwhile information.
  3. Daily Progress Reports:  These let you know what kind of day your child has had and if any items need to be brought from home.
  4. Progress Reports: These will help you to know how your child is progressing academically.  They will help you know what your child may need to work on academically.
  5. Parent / Teacher Conferences: Conferences are available to be scheduled at the parent’s request.  Your child’s teacher may want to schedule a conference with you if he/she has any concerns.
  6. Letters Home: For special reminders and to keep you updated on special events.
  7. Talking openly with teachers and the director:  A great way to voice concerns or “congrats”.
  8. Little Light also has a Facebook page to keep you up to date on what is happening!
  9. Please feel free to communicate with us at the bottom of this page, as well. Please note that we have not made names a required field, but if you do not leave your name or contact information, we may not be able to solve any potential issues properly.

We would like to encourage you to feel at ease to communicate with us, just as we are working hard to do so with you. This is especially important when a new situation arises (potty training, growth spurts, feeling overwhelmed, etc.).