Infants to Toddlers

Little Light offers quality childcare for children that are not yet crawling in our infant room. Our caring and professional staff ministers to the children in our nursery in a variety of different ways.

Infants in our program will experience loving care and a tender in a small group setting as we strive to give your child the individual attention and interaction that they deserve and need, in addition to providing for their basic needs. Our teachers will work with your child to develop communication skills by teaching your baby some simple baby sign language, which will help them increase their vocabulary through language building activities and daily verbal interaction once they graduate to our Toddler class.

Infant Schedule (6 weeks – crawling)

8:00 AM

Morning Snack

9:00 AM – 10:15AM

Morning Nap

11:00 AM


12:30PM – 2:30PM

Afternoon Nap

3:15 PM

Afternoon Snack


You will need to bring pre-made bottles, diapers, a pacifier, baby food, a sippy cup, bibs, and a few changes of clothes (we can keep on change of clothes here, just in case, if you wish). We can provide freezer/refrigerator space for breast milk, if you prefer. The center will not provide these necessities. Please make sure your child has everything he needs before you drop him off.  Please also label everything! This includes toys, cups, blankets, everything your child brings along that you would like to come back home with him.

Please discuss with us what works best for your bundle of joy concerning eating, sleeping, and soothing. We want to support your home routine and keep things consistent and predictable for your baby. As this is an ever-changing thing, please keep us aware of changes in your child’s schedule/routine by updating the form as necessary.

The most important thing is that you know that our staff truly loves and cares for your baby as we would (and did) our own.