Mission and Philosophy

Little Light Early Learning Center has been established to serve the needs of the families in our community. Because there are so many parents who must work outside the home, we desire to provide a place where parents feel comfortable and safe leaving their children while they work.

In doing so, we strive to create an atmosphere of security and love that we believe provides a better opportunity for learning, developing a sense of independence and responsibility, and character building.  We believe each child is an individual; a unique and special creation of God, and we recognize that each child has their own personality and their own individual needs. We hope to provide quality attention and care while providing your child the opportunity to learn to relate in a group setting. We seek to establish a spiritual foundation with basic Christian values that we hope to last a lifetime. We do this through foundational Bible stories, crafts, and songs, and by providing boundaries in our everyday behavior (respect, thankfulness, manners, honesty, love, and joy).

Not only do we believe that children are special, we believe parents are as well. We work to create a FAMILY atmosphere here at LLELC, providing the opportunity to establish good relationships between parents and staff.